Archive for August 2019

Long time friend and scientist, Brad, swings by to discuss his research on aphids, farming, bugs and plants. Come geek out! 

I sit down with the Earthlings crew to geek out on music, Dungeons and Dragon, and everything in between. Snag your buddies, roll a dice, and come hang out!

Anthony and Izzy swing by to talk about dinosaurs, Hitler, flat earth, aliens, and so much more in the packed episode. Open your mind, subscribe, and come geek out! 

Izzy, also known as XOChizzy, swings by to talk about all the hot naked women he's taken photos of, Muay Thai, fatherhood and so much more. Snag a cold spoon, tuck and roll, and co...

My friends from the band EyeWill swing by to talk on music, band dynamic, and their upcoming Lion Festival. Snag a drink, make it a double, and come hang out! 

Ryan is the guitarist for Misery Signals, international touring metal band, coach, and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Throw up your horns, get ready to roll, and come hang ou...

I met DJ while out shooting a local hip hop show and learned he was a veteran and a photographer as well. We sit down to geek on everything in between. Snag your battle buddy, a ca...

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