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Ran into some bums who were preaching. They called my buddy a homosexual, so we chased them down lol.

Jake and Conrad sit down to discuss the difficulties of dating. From mannerisms to Tinder and everything in between. Snag your best guy friend, get ready for some locker room bante...

Long time friend and former college football teammate, Tommy, rolls through town to hang out and discuss his booming training program. This guy is a beast! Snag your favorite elect...

Kameron swings by the studio with Nick and Kyle to geek on everything BJJ, training, and current MMA stuff. Snag your gi, subscribe, and come hang out! 

Katie G and the Half Maccs make an appearance at the studio and jam out. Put your dancing shoes on, subscribe, and come hang out! 

Katie G makes an appearance to discuss music and life, along with playing a killer unplugged set. Snag your best friend, subscribe, and come hang out!  

Long time buddy, Nick, swings by the studio to geek on street cred, working out, and so much more. Strap up, subscribe, and come hang out!

Good friend and even better human being, Mark, stopped by to talk about military, acting, and everything in between. Get your battle buddy, subscribe, and come hang out!

I went to my first rave for my friend's birthday, and this is what happened afterward. Snag your favorite beverage, subscribe, and come hang out!

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