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In this first girls night out episode, Sammy brings his girl friends over to chat about everything relationships, social media, popping up in DM's and so much more!

Bryan is a Journalist, Podcaster and Documentary Film Maker out of Boise, ID. He swings by to talk business, health, and current events in this new episode of Sorry About Your Feel...

This third episode explores Josiah's experience with the powerful psychedelic drug, ayahuasca. Grab a seat, read your bible, and come geek out! 

Sammy has a new crew swing by to discuss the upcoming MMA fights, football, and everything else that dudes talk about.

In this second part of a four part series, Josiah continues to discuss his issues with the faith he was raised in and his internal struggle to come to terms with his new understand...

Molly, Kenzie, and even the producer, Tim, step in to talk all things from life to politics and everything in between. Like, Subscribe, and pass the episode along!

The dudes gather to geek on everything from MMA to NFL and everything in between.

Joshua kicks back in this overwhelming conversation to talk about the current state of affairs, politics, and his congressional candidacy.

In this first of four episodes, Josiah (former missionary and Temple worthy member) sits down to talk about the discrepancies in the LDS faith and why he decided to leave the churc...

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